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Pre-Algebra is typically taught in grades 6, 7, 8 in middle school math courses. The overall goal of Pre-Algebra is to prepare the student for Algebra and beyond.  

Pre-Algebra topics usually include natural numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, percents, exponents, factors, slope, properties of numbers, order of operations, and more. Students are also introduced to basic Algebra concepts such as variables and equations. Pre-Algebra students should be comfortable solving basic one or two step equations. 

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A parking lot charges $10 to enter the parking lot in addition to a daily rate. Saramai parked in the lot for 6 days. She was charged a total of $115.

I have to find the answer key to the equation using variables at the same time.

Mar 6 | RJ from Denver, CO | 0 Answers | 0 Votes


Lori C.

Pyatt, AR

A student's tuition is 3500 a loan was obtained for 2/7 of a tuition how much was the loan

This is a question on my homework assignment 

Mar 4 | Amber from Murrieta, CA | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Edward A.

Red Bluff, CA

What does 2(y+3)-6=3(2-y)

I'm learning pre-algebra and am having a bit of trouble. I'm in 8th grade and need help. if you do know the answer please show me how you got said answer. 

Feb 16 | Elecia from Marietta, GA | 2 Answers | 0 Votes


David W.

Martinsburg, WV

2^3/2^8=? Am I correct?

My answer should be in the form of 2 raised to a power. im not entierly sure of my answer. Can someone verify?    Related question: what about fractions? For example my paper...

Feb 3 | Shania from Rockville, MD | 3 Answers | 0 Votes

PrealgebraExponentsExponents And Powers

David W.

Round Rock, TX

How many points did he score in the first half?

Brent scored 12 points in the second half of the game. This was 6 more than 2/3 of his first half point total.

Feb 5 | Pixie from Newington, VA | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Arturo O.

Melbourne, FL

What are powers of two?

im doing homework and it says: Write each of the following as a power of two. Your answer should be in the form of 2 raised to a power. What does this mean?

ExponentsExponents And PowersPrealgebraNo answers ... yet!

Lucas borrowed $10,500 to buy a boat. He will pay $275.50 each month for the next 48 months. Find the simple interest rate for his loan.

I didn’t get a lesson on this due to time constraints 

Feb 8 | Emersen from Sedro Woolley, WA | 0 Answers | 0 Votes

PrealgebraGrade SevenInterest Rate

Kenneth S.

Mesa, AZ

One afternoon 10 inches of snow falls in 1 1/4 hours. At this rate, how many inches of snow fall in 1hour?

this helps me with pre algebra study

Jan 30 | Makari from Quincy, FL | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Carol H.

Brownsburg, IN

stroy problem

A famous basketball player scored 110 points in a high school game, breaking a national record. She made 47 more 2-point baskets than 3-point baskets, and only 1 free throw. How many 2-point and 3-point...

Jan 21 | Trudi from Ladoga, IN | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Jack J.

Clarksville, MD

If Han had been riding for t hours, how long has Priya been riding?

Priya and Han are biking in the same direction on th same path. Han is riding at a constant speed of 16 miles per hour. Write an expression that shows how many miles Han has gone after t hours. Priya...

Jan 17 | Rebecca from Gooding, ID | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Mark M.

Carson, CA


Tell whether ratio forms a proportion. 15/2, 4/30

Jan 16 | Anishka from Sunnyvale, CA | 1 Answer | 0 Votes

PrealgebraMathNo answers ... yet!

Write the equation in slope-intercept form: 1/2x + 1/6y = -2/3

I just needed help on this question, if you don´t mind, please help. 

Nov 28 | Issa from Park Ridge, IL | 0 Answers | 0 Votes


Mark M.

Carson, CA

what does P equal in the equation S=Ph+2B

I need to know what P equals.

Dec 19 | John from Cleburne, TX | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Kenneth S.

Mesa, AZ

at 56 degrees fahrenheit a certain insect chirps 91 times per minute, and at 60 degrees fahrenheit , they chirp 119 times a minute

what is an equation  in slope-intercept form that fits the equation

Nov 30 | Chloe from Lynn Haven, FL | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Michael V.

Broomfield, CO

seven times a number and 7 is equal to six times a number

i dont understand. halp. 7x time 7 = 6x

2/10/2014 | Alyson from Fort Worth, TX | 5 Answers | 0 Votes

PrealgebraWord Problem

Michael J.

East Elmhurst, NY

Write a translation rule that maps point D(7,-3) onto point D'(2,5)

This is a question from my study guide. Please answer this question with the steps of how you did it so I can see how you got your answer and learn from that. Thank you so much 

10/29/2015 | Caitlyn from Milton Freewater, OR | 1 Answer | 3 Votes

PrealgebraCoordinate PlaneNo answers ... yet!

for each minute of calls. For how many minutes of calls will the costs of the two plans be equal?

Customers of a phone company can choose between two service plans for long distance calls. The first plan has a $17 monthly fee and charges an additional $0.08 for each minute...

Dec 5 | Claire from Shreveport, LA | 0 Answers | 0 Votes

Linear EquationsWord ProblemPrealgebra

Kenneth S.

Mesa, AZ

The set of points (–2, 2), (3, 2), (–4, –3), and (5, –3) identifies the vertices of a quadrilateral.What is the most specific description of the figure drawn?

A. trapezoid B. rectangle C. parallelogram D. square

Nov 14 | Halee from Sunnyvale, TX | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Kenneth S.

Mesa, AZ

This is a pre-algebra question

The product of three consecutive prime numbers is 105. What is the sum of those three numbers?

Nov 13 | Gabrielle from Bowie, MD | 1 Answer | 0 Votes


Mark M.

Carson, CA

seven more than the qoutient of a number and -2 and 6.

 I really need help with my homework Can you guys help me  

Oct 25 | Raeshell from Omaha, NE | 1 Answer | -1 Votes

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