Alere Epoc Value Assignment

Name of device/First year sold/Number of analyzers sold in 2016epoc Blood Analysis System/2008/—
Number of devices sold in U.S./Outside U.S./List price—/—/$7,500
Dimensions (H x W x D)/Weight3 × 3.4 × 8.5 inches/~1.5 pounds
Analytes measured on devicepH, pCO2, pO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, glucose, Hct, lactate, Crea, CI-
Parameters calculated on devicecHCO3, cTCO2, BE(ecf), BE(b), cS02, cHgb, eGFR, eGFR-a, AGap, AGapK
Barometric pressurerecorded
Analytical method(s) or technologies employedpH, iCa, pC02, Na, K: potentiometry; p02, lactate, glucose: amperometry; Hct: conductometric; Hb: calculated
Device is part of a series of related modelsno
Device warranty/Loaner devices provided1 year; extended warranty available/—
Average life expectancy of device
Open or closed system/External gas tanks requiredclosed/no
Categorized for point-of-care testing or laboratorypoint-of-care testing
Point of care:
Disposable prepackaged system used for analysisreagent, electrode (single use)
No. of disposable reagent system units in standard package50
No. of samples analyzed per one disposable reagent, electrode system1
Reagent unit storage requirementsroom temperature
Shelf life of disposable unitsup to 5 months
No. of different disposable reagents required to maintain device
Max. No. of analyte reagents that can reside in device at once
Shelf life of components
Cost per test/Reagent cost per test
Calibrations required1 point (automatic)
Calibration frequencyevery test
Internal QC program recommended
QC features/Capabilities of QC features
Remote control of device from laboratoryyes
System can use LOINC to transmit results to LISyes
Specimen types suitable for devicewhole blood, capillary, mixed venous, arterial, venous
Acceptable anticoagulants/Sampling techniqueheparin/injection, capillary transfer and fill
Sample size for complete panel of analyte results~92 mL
Sample size differs with number of analytes selectedno
Time from sample introduction to result availability~35 seconds
Max. No. of patient samples per hour/Max. No. measured results per hour
Optimal throughput when analyzer calibrated, awaiting specimens
Calibration can be interrupted to perform stat sampleno
Known interferences
Sampler has self-wiping probeno
Time required for maintenance by lab personnel
Service center performs diagnostics through modemno
Method of analyst ID in system
Instrument response for:
• hardware failure/software failure error code, rejection of card/error code, rejection of card
• QC failurefailure noted on final report
• calibration failurecard rejected
For what barcode scanning is providedoperator and patient IDs, reagent lot number, all open fields
Built-in printer/Data portno/—
Information listed on hard copy reportall
Analyzer connectionsLIS/HIS, via data-management system
Interface standards supportedHL7
How analyzer connects to external system to upload patient and QC resultsreal-time wireless (RF)
Information included in transmission from analyzer to external systemdevice-unique identifier, operator and patient IDs, results, QC identifier, others
Hardware and software for data-management systemsoftware only
No. of different management reports system producescustomizable
Contents downloaded from data-management system to analyzervalid operator IDs, others
System connected (live installations) to which LISs, HISsmost
Use a third-party interfacing tool, engine for LIS, HIS interfacesyes, Mirth
Distinguishing features (supplied by company)room-temperature card storage; barcoded test cards for quality and inventory management; fully wireless data transfer to data manager, real time (no need to dock for download)
Note: a dash in lieu of an answer means company did not answer question or question is not applicable
Tabulation does not represent an endorsement by the College of American Pathologists.

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