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character of our interaction. I was very happy when on one day she confessed to me howgrateful she was for my help. The activity gave me fulfillment and made me conceive howserious is the problem of loneliness in life and I realized the importance of attention that needsto be paid to lonely people.”

Examples of poor reflections

“Today I got to the nursing home at 2:00. Talked to some ladies. Passed outpopcorn at the movie. Went home at 4:00. When you volunteer at the nursinghome, the residents really make you feel appreciated. It makes it allworthwhile.”

Whether it was for a long period or short, this student reflecting on their socialservice missed the point. This student was surrounded by human drama. On everyside were loneliness, love, struggle, joy, death, dignity, injustice, need andconcern. There were more than a dozen health-related, trades-related,professional-related careers to observe and experiment with. There were peoplewith wisdom to draw upon and pains to ease. From their observations andreflections, these students experienced nothing.

It’s not supposed to be that way. People can learn from experience. In fact, it isnot only a possibility but also a necessity. Aldous Huxley says,

“Experience is not what happens to a person; it is what aperson does with what happens to him or her.”

A necessary part of turning what you experience into what you know isreflection – time to sit down and consider:

What you saw and didn’t see

Who needed you and why you were there?

What did you learn and what did you teach?Reflection involves observation, asking questions, putting facts, ideas andexperiences together to come up with new meaning. Reflection on experience cangive you the following abilities:

Taking charge

: Being able to learn from experience gives us the power toinfluence themeaning and impact of things that we do or that happen to us.

Increasing your problem solving ability

: Being able to analyze problems,generate alternatives, and anticipate consequences are critical skills.

Power to assess your personal impact

: Ongoing reflection helps reveal andeven determine what personal changes are occurring in self-image, new skills, and

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