Zoos Are Animal Prisons Essay Writing

The most important function of zoos, which benefits humans, is to serve as entertainment for people, especially for children. There is reduced stress and a pleasant time spent in contact with biodiversity.

Besides entertainment, zoos educate humans on the values ​​of respect and protection of nature, which is not only good for future generations, but also teaches them what the needs of animals and the importance of their conservation.

Zoos are places where scientists can conduct research on ecosystems, promoting conservation projects and ensuring the development of new techniques and medicines for animal health care.

Although the animals are not free, such as improvements in the conditions of zoos, new knowledge about the animal kingdom and technological advances occurring in nature, allow the conservation of species and animals in their environment Natural are threatened.

In this sense, keep captive animals, including feeding and caring for them properly, you may be holding back their full potential as living beings.

Zoos Are Prisons For Animals Essay

Animals are being forcefully taken from their natural habitats and their families, then put into unnatural and controlled environments. Most of the creatures are trapped in enclosures, unable to live real lives with socializing and exercise. Zoos are prisons for these animals. In the times when zoos were originally created, zoos were the only way to see the animals. Or to be read about in books written by explorers and scientists. Showing simply descriptions with drawings. Animals brought back from explorations where observed, killed, dissected and sometimes even eaten. Although, current conditions are not as severe as they were in the eighteen-hundreds. They still are not what they should be.
Most zoos do not or can not meet humane standards, even if they pass AZA (1Association of Zoos and Aquariums) inspections. Habitats need to be created that allow the animal to function normally, daily. They must be provided with appropriate diets and climate controlled environments. Like in Sweden has passed laws that all habitats must be large enough for each species and that no animal is to be only housed indoors. They have to have time outdoors as well.
But, no habitat will ever be as large as their natural home. For example, elephants in the wild can walk from twenty to fifty miles a day. 5The Knoxville Zoo's elephant exhibit is 0.6 acres. It takes a human 6 minutes to walk 4 acres. Maggie, an elephant, was kept at the Alaska Zoo in a small indoor enclosure for days because cold outside temperatures. Malnutrition kills hundreds of zoo animals all over the world. From the lack of food or being fed the wrong diet. In China eleven Siberian tigers died over the course of three months from malnurishment. Twenty animals died ,also within three months, of neglect and malnutrition in Indonesia. Three hundred and twenty-seven total deaths were reported from the same zoo in 2010.
Being in these enclosures can cause the animal to develop neurotic and obsessive behaviors , sometimes called "zoochosis". Such as, pacing back and forth. Rocking backwards and forwards for hours. Hitting their heads against walls. They also display OCD responses to stress such as, over grooming and 2performing automated routines. A polar bear at the San Diego Zoo swims in repetitive patterns . Once out of the water, the bear walks backwards and forwards swaying his head from side to side for...

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