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Entry Requirements

C&G2330 Level 2 & C&G2365 Level 3

Currently be working in the electrical industry covering a wide range of electrical installation work, especially Commercial/Industrial 3 phase installations.

Successfully completed skill scan that will assess a candidate’s site based experience and range of electrical installation work currently being carried out.

Who is the course for

This is a bridging course for those who have already achieved the C&G 2330 Level 2 and C&G 2365 Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installation and now wish to progress onto the full C&G 2357 NVQ Level 3 Diploma. This is required for registration as an Electrician/Approved Contractor through JIB, NICEIC, Napit, Elecsa etc.

Course Content

Candidates will attend college for 2-3 days where we will:

Expand on 2365 knowledge units: 302, 303 & 305 and prepare candidates for the Transfer of knowledge from 2365 Bridging Assignment (Task A)

Prepare candidates for Professional Discussion: responsibilities and limitations when working with clients, customers, other contractors and site managers (Task B)

Candidates will be provided with further learning resources for them to prepare for the above assignments through self-study.

Once candidates have successfully completed the above bridging units they will then be assigned an assessor who will support them in building their site based portfolio and will assess them on site 2-3 times.

How is the course assessed

Closed book exam 1 hr 30 mins (Task A)

Professional Discussion (Task B)

C&G2357 performance units – Site based portfolio covering the entire range of electrical installation work and successful assessment on site (2357-311-313, 315-318).

The AM2 (2357-399) is a 3 day assessment which is also required – it will be up to the candidate to source and fund their own AM2 test .

Where next - Job Opportunities

Fully qualified electrician.

More Information

This is a full cost commercial course and all students pay fees, no concessions available.

This course has flexible start dates throughout the year.

It would be up to candidate to book their own AM2 (3 day test), at a local centre during the course and must pass this in order to achieve the full NVQ qualification.

Furthermore candidates would be expected to have achieved the C&G2382-15 17th Edition Wiring Regulations; C&G2394-01 Initial Verification and Certification, and C&G2395-01 Periodic Inspection, Testing & Certification (or equivalent) qualifications, to support the completion of the full NVQ Diploma.

Candidates will be given a maximum of 12 months to complete the NVQ qualification from their enrolment date.

For further information please contact our Information, Advice and Guidance team on 01895 853333 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last updated: 28 June 2017

How to Apply

This course requires an informal interview.

To arrange an assessment and interview time please contact Information, Advice & Guidance on 01895 853333.

Offsite: Course Starting Tue 01 August 2017

Starts: 01/08/2017

Duration: 36 Week(s)

Where: Offsite

When: Monday-Friday 09:00 to 17:00

Total College Fee: £1995.00

Enquire here for future course dates


Performance Unit – NVQ

This is the work based part of the NVQ where a portfolio of a variety of electrical work is compiled. 

This unit can be part of the 2357 or if you already hold a level 3 qualification, it can taken alone. 


NVQ with bridging unit (to join the 2365 or 2330) is £1200.00


How it works

You will be provided with a portfolio to work through and produce evidence covering all the different units. 

You will be allocated an assessor who will be your contact for your NVQ.

The assessor will need to come and visit you at your work place.

Once stage 1 and stage 2 have been completed there is a final assessment to be taken.


Independent Assessment Unit – AM2 

This unit is Electro-technical Occupational Competance(AM2)

The AM2 must be entered when you are ready. This is normally with the agreement of your employer and NVQ assessor.

It is the final unit to be taken in the 2357 qualification.

It has to be taken at one of the nationally accredited AM2 centres.



The AM2 is nationally set at £655.00 

Thompson Training offers refresher and top up days from £100.

The course is completed in stages, it can be run together dependent upon the learners circumstances.

The course is recomended for apprentices or those in the trade who are looking to gain a recognised qualification.

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